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Travel/route to Villa Zizani

The accessibility of the province of Messinia in the Peloponnese is optimal, relatively cheap and all year round. One of the biggest pluses for coming here. Whether with your own rental car from Athens Airport or in the tourist season directly at the airport of Kalamata.

By plane to Athens:
Amsterdam – Athens  (low cost)
Eindhoven – Athens (low cost)

Flights direct to Kalamata:
Amsterdam – Kalamata  (April to October)
Düsseldorf – Kalamata  (March to November)

Car rental:
There are various options for renting a car in Greece at both Athens airport and Kalamata airport. It is advisable to rent these in advance via the internet, as this turns out to be cheaper than renting on site. From Kalamata Airport it takes about 1 hour to drive to Villa Zizani. From Athens airport it takes about 3.5 hours to drive to Zizani. The route from Athens is also beautiful. This route also leads you past various sights such as the Corinth Canal.

Travel by car or motorcycle and boat:
If you are staying longer or if you also want to tour the Peleponnessos, you can drive from the Netherlands to Ancona in Italy and then take the ferry to Patras in Greece (boat journey 23 hours).
It is about 1,400 kilometers from the Netherlands to Ancona, it is best to spend the night en route. From Patras it is about a 3.5 hour drive by car to Villa Zizani.

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